5D cinema devices
Our 5D Cinema is a small specially equipped room.
When visiting 5D Cinema a spectator gets 3D stereo glasses which are needed to view a three-dimensional image.
The seats are positioned on a special dynamic platform which vibrates and moves during a film show, following what is happening on the screen.
5D Cinema even in a minimal configuration affords a great opportunity to feel like the principle character of the events and to be in the epicentre of the action!

Components of the 5D Cinema:

1. The platform foundation
The platform foundation is a fixed metal structure and consists of:

- A frame without foundation on vibration – damping mounts with a hydraulic drive unit, electronic unit and distributing high pressure hoses HANSA-FLEKX (Germany);
- Motion simulator cylinders ATOS (Italy);
- A valve block on ATOS distribution plate (Italy);
- Hydraulic accumulator FOX HTR5 - 5 l. (Spain);
- A fine filter “FMM0502DACA10N” (Italy);
- Position sensors Gefran (Italy).

2.  The upper part with built-in seats
The upper (movable) part of the platform is equipped with seats (chairs). The sport chairs with a reinforced frame. Equipped with seatbelts.

3. Ramp
A rigid frame structure. Used for lifting and placing visitors on the platform.

4. Control panel (personal computer)
The control panel of the attraction is a personal computer with integrated uninterruptible power supply unit (UPS), a touch screen, a mouse, a keyboard and a system software unit which controls the operation of the attraction.

5. Screen
The screen is made with a special coating that ensures the reproduction of stereo movies

6. Sound system
The sound system includes:

- Two active speakers SOUNDKING with a capacity of 80 Watts;
- Two racks for installation of the speakers;
- Low - frequency subwoofer with a capacity of 300 Watts.

7. Volumetric projection system
A set of the volumetric projection system consists of:

- View Sonic /Optoma projectors - 2 pcs.;
- Polarizing filters – 2 pcs.;
- Special glasses – 10 pcs.;
- A special platform for fixing the projectors to the ceiling.

8. Oil station (is set behind the platform)
The oil station is a detached unit connected to the platform with high pressure hoses and equipped with an electric service panel:

- The AIR 100S4 Y2 flange-mounted motor 1410 r/min 3 kW mode S1;
- An oil tank with integrated oil level indicator MP FILTRI (Italy) and a pressure gauge;
- MARZOCCHI ALP2-D-16 pump (Italy);
- A hydraulic distributor – ATOS – on the plate EM103/112PX2F (Italy);
- A heat exchanger (Italy).

9. A wind generator
Two wind generators DBRS-750, which generate a powerful airflow, mounted in front of the platform under the ceiling. The air flow rate is regulated within 0% to 100% depending on the situation in a movie. 

10. Lightning generator
A powerful Galaxy strobe LED projector – 1500 Watts with a power regulator.

11. Special effect “Splash”
A box with a water tank with a built-in pump is installed in an easily accessible place according of the operator's discretion. The set includes the silicone drainage tubes and nozzles.

12. Video monitoring system
The system of video monitoring and video advertising consists of:

- Software and transmission of what is happening on the platform to the operator's monitor to control the safety of the spectators;
- Display monitor;
- A video camera, an infrared projector and switching cables.

13. Statistics collection and monitoring system
The statistics collection and monitoring system is equipped with visitor presence sensors, which are built in the seats with the connection wiring. This complex is provided with an algorithm for monitoring and for parallel transmission of statistics to the data carrier in the control panel and also enables to transfer the general and detailed information to the specified remote server.

5D Cinema room minimum dimensions: width – 4.5 m, length – 5 m, height – 3 m.
A place for the operator desk (at least): width – 2 m, length – 1 m.
Optionally you can expand and add chairs and sofas for visitors.
Also, you must have380 V 3-phase voltage and access to the Internet.